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Performance Optimization

Let's step up your Performance ...

After having experienced and learned so many beautiful things to strengthen our body, clean it, support it... we come back with a new course / training which is intended for athletes.


Optimizing performance is increasing our energy level, cleaning our engine and refurbishing damaged structures!


Sunday 17/11 at 6:00 p.m. to Saturday 23/11 at 2:00 p.m.



Raw Adventure Center in Tenerife

In our fruit forest, under the Canarian sun

22-24 degrees in February

Number of people

Maximum 20 persons



1500 euros (all included except the flight ticket)




A typical day

  • Muscle awakening

  • Training session

  • Juice and fruit meal at lunchtime

  • Break

  • Discussion

  • Recovery techniques

  • Physiological Raw food in the evening

Discussion topics

  • How the body works naturally

  • Strength and endurance training

  • Optimization of the body's capabilities

  • Natural and artificial techniques to speed recovery

  • Energy, performance and mentality

  • Season planning and off-season

  • Managing Injuries


  • Short intensity run + mix of exercises

  • Strength training

  • Long mountain run (or road bike)

  • Endurance-strength training

  • Swim-run medium interval, agility

  • Home HIIT, all out!

Also you will test ...

  • Various breathing techniques

  • Ice bath

  • Sauna

  • Earthing

  • Frequencies

  • Intermittent fasting and training

  • Physiological nutrition and training

  • Accelerated recovery

  • Performance without dietary supplement

  • Optimum mineralization

​Who is this course for ?

  • For athletes who want to perform
  • For coaches who want to have new strings to their bow
  • For injured athletes who want to become operational again
  • For athletes at the end of their career who want to regain their former performance
  • For athletes who want to stay healthy

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