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Green the Desert &
Ocean Water for Life

Let's protect nature...

We believe in sustainable living through renewable energy, water recycling, permaculture gardening, and more!


There are many ways to go green!


Our actions

Easy access
to information

We are children of the 21st century, we have access to virtual information which is almost instantaneous like the internet, we can easily travel around the world thanks to planes so yes we pollute but also we can access information more easily to find positive solutions and thus implement real actions. This modernity, this technology, this knowledge allow us to compensate for our impact on nature.

Everyone has the opportunity to help nature

On our side, we decided to revitalize a desert land, to bring it back to life, to replant trees, plants, flowers, to recreate an ecosystem, to reintroduce earthworms into our soil, to sow our garden effective micro-organisms, to install basins so that insects and birds can come back. On our scale, we are doing our best to revitalize our desert.

Nothing is lost,
everything changes

Of course our consumption has changed, it is becoming thoughtful and conscious. Our daily habits have changed because we no longer use chemicals. We base ourselves on the law that in Nature nothing is lost, everything is transformed. Thus we value our waste such as our compost, our dry toilets, water, our boxes. We reuse our end-of-life products to give them a second mission such as tires, plastic boxes, etc.

“Race to Green the Desert”

We have created the “Race to Green the Desert” project, a personal way of compensating in some way for our sporting trips, which are mostly done by plane. Thus part of our racing bonuses are donated to associations to plant trees. It seemed important to us to act on a larger scale and allow all the people who wish to go in our direction to meet around a common project, so we had the idea that on our different competitions you can also plant trees with us to plant a beautiful forest together!!!

Label Green the Desert

As we are all little hummingbirds on this beautiful planet Earth, we imagined an even more complete project. We want all our projects to involve more people in this way because “we are the change we want to see” hence the birth of the “Green the Desert Label”

The idea is to be associated with the Green the Desert Label and we accompany you to help you organize an event (whether it is a meal with friends at a world festival) in respect with you, us and Nature.

Organizing an event is a great idea. Having a “Green the Desert” event is even more rewarding!

Green the desert

Our vision


“Green the desert” is in the literal sense putting green back into the desert, bringing life to an extinct place.

There are many kinds of deserts to be revitalized: the thousands of hectares of chemical and intensive monocultures that kill life and biodiversity, the expanses of concrete where a plant no longer grows and a large part of humans survives in confusion and remains lost in the virtual world. We are creating our social desert, the food industry is responsible for creating our food desert and the industries are creating our health desert...

"Green the desert" is the desire to bring life back where it disappeared, a flower, a nest box, a look, a tree, a pond, a smile, an insect hotel, a friend, a meal of fruit ; Love Life & Green the Desert!

Grow a healthier planet, plant a tree...


Ocean Water for Life

Our vision


Coming soon !


How you can support us


Thank you for visiting our site and for your interest!
We can do so much more together.

You can help us by donating to our Green the Desert project.

Join our Label Green the Desert

Be part of the family and adhere to the Green the Desert Label.

More information on the label (in french)

If you would like to partner with us, contact us!

How you can improve your lifestyle

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