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At your own pace,
from home

Discover our online courses !

We have learned so much from people around the world and from our experiences on our travels and adventures…. We'd love to share what we've learned with you, wherever you are!

Vitality comes to you!

It has been a few years since we launched the Vitality course in Tenerife to allow anyone who wishes to experience our way of life and learn our different keys to vitality. Now thanks to the magic of technology, this Vitality training is available online to allow everyone to do this course at your own pace from home.

You have all the discussions:
– Natural functioning of the body
– Physiological diet
– Food associations
- The water
- Seawater
– The connection to the earth
– Cleanings and purges
- The young
– Food transition

But also 30 hours of video and unlimited access, 7 muscle awakenings, 6 physical activities, 10 physiological Crusine recipes, 14 breaths, 6 challenges and reinforcements and documents.

This Vitality course can change the way you see life

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