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Raw Adventure® Camp

Discover the secrets of champions!

Take control of your health, find out how to train, learn to eat healthy, take back control of your body, reconnect, experiment with our recovery techniques… life is beautiful, it deserves to be lived 200%!

Raw Adventure Camp is a reproduction of our lifestyle, which made us become the best and kept us happy, fulfilled and dynamic!


We will live together our sessions of stretching, breathing, endurance, strengthening (suitable for all levels), acclimatization to cold or hot, our frugivorous diet, mineralizing drinks, intermittent fasting... Between theory and experiments, you will have the keys to becoming champions !

Festival Raw Adventure 2024

Save the date !

The Raw Adventure Festival is coming to France! 

From June 20th to 23rd 2024 


On the program: sport, discussions, fruit festin, physiological raw food, workshop, sharing, meeting...

In French and English


An unforgettable week in perspective!


Vitality & Detox Retreat

- NEW IN 2024 -


Our Vitality and Detox retreats merge to become one entity ! This is the holistic and integrative metamorphosis training: Vitality & Detox according to the Raw Adventure®️ method


These two were complementary but they are in reality indivisible because if we want to go on the path to vitality, we cannot go there without cleansing ourselves. Eating fruit without cleansing does not work physiologically and in the long term.

During your stay, you will understand how our body works and you will be supported on cleaning practices. By experimenting together, you'll feel confident doing it again by yourself at home.


In this new format, we will keep you with us until the end!

In addition, it seems that it is much more joyful to live the adventure with all the companions from start to finish.

Dates 2024 

10/19 - 10/30 (in French 🇫🇷)

12/26 - 01/07 (in English 🇬🇧)


The course we offer is a total immersion in our approach to life, integrating health, personal development, and well-being through practices such as raw food, connection to nature, and various methods of regeneration.

We share the knowledge and experiences we have accumulated over the past 15 years, ranging from permaculture to self-sufficiency, and from cleansing the body to clarifying the life path.

New this year is that all participants must watch prerequisite videos before arriving, to ensure that the knowledge base is integrated and that we can all move forward together from the start of the course. This program is open to all those who are ready to learn and adapt, without requiring particular sporting skills, but having the ability to move!!!

In addition, the Detox part, embedded in Vitality, emphasizes the concrete implementation of the concepts discussed previously. This segment focuses on intensive cleansing techniques such as purges and fasting, providing an in-depth understanding of how our body works and facilitating the detoxification process. The goal is to equip you with enough techniques to be able to reapply them independently at home, creating a cycle of ongoing learning and practical application.

Optimize your performances

This course is aimed at high-level athletes who want to perform, former athletes or injured athletes who want to regain their best levels, coaches who want to include new parameters in their coaching...


We have already had wonderful feedback from people who have seriously tested our method... that is the goal of this new course: you pass on the knowledge so that you are autonomous with natural performance.


Yes, yes, it's a summary of 20 years of life and experimentation. We have tested a lot of errors for you and we are delivering the Success pack to you.


17/11 - 23/11 (in French 🇫🇷)

Ayurveda x Fruits
in India

3 months of follow-up and on-site support by Stéphane and Mimi also including:

  • personalized interviews

  • zoom meetings

  • yoga

  • meditation

  • and all the cocooning and presence so you can really benefit from a great Ayurvedic cleanse

All treatments and appointments are in close collaboration with Doctor Mahesh Patil and us. It is in English, so Stéphane will mainly provide translation during telephone and on-site interviews. The clinic is reserved just for us during this period.

5 women and 5 men maximum


Dates coming soon (🇫🇷 + 🇬🇧)

Raw Adventure® 24h

24 hours of training to regain natural health, a unique experience, around fruits, Vitality, Nature and Joy.


In the program :

  • Discussions: natural functioning of the body, physiological diet, food association, connection to the earth, waves, hormesis & sport

  • Boosting or relaxing breaths

  • Sport: Natural movement, adventure, HIIT

  • Recipes from our Physiological Crusine training

Flower of life

This course will address two themes during the 5 days: autonomy to create your paradise & the Physiological Crusine.

Every day you will have theory and practice.

Flower of Life:

  • The steps to develop your project

  • Autonomy, energy, water, location, terrain, objective

  • Edible forest, syntropy, permaculture

  • Dry toilet, compost, hot water, how to build them easily


Physiological raw food:

  • Healthy raw food

  • The basic rules

  • Preparation of recipes

  • Raw food techniques

  • Good associations

  • Organize your meals

Our Eco Center
in Tenerife

Welcome to our fruit oasis!

For many years we have traveled the world looking for a nice place to set up our base. Tenerife was only supposed to be a vacation spot for a fortnight, but we spent a month and a half there and decided to buy some land. During a long bike ride, we imagined the creation of a training center that would also be our home on this paradise island. After many more trainings, the seed grew and we were certain of our goal: to create the training center that we dreamed of during our world tour: high quality facilities covering many sports, with perfect weather and good food!

The training center has evolved over the past few years. We started with a normal diet, but it became more and more vegetarian during our travels, as meat was difficult to store in our van. We found we were physically fit after becoming vegetarians, so we started learning about alternative nutrition. This is how we finally became vegan and since 2013 we have been raw food vegans which for us is an amazing way to live.

We love to share our experiences as raw food vegans; it is an incredible source of health, which is why we really want to give everyone the opportunity to experience this diet in our center and with our advice on how to do it correctly. We would also like to share our experience in sustainable living… We are self-sufficient in energy with a solar system (panels, batteries and water heater). We recycle our water to water our permaculture garden. We use a dry toilet and have two composts (human and vegetable waste). We make our own products to clean the house and our clothes…. There are so many easy ways to go eco-friendly at home!

Our center is based on sharing our lifestyle, our diet, our training tips, our experiences….

Enjoy every moment !


You will share with us part of our journey: waking up without an alarm, raw breakfast, morning training, raw lunch, afternoon training, raw dinner and dessert!


With a varied diet based on fruits and vegetables.

It’s so simple but there is so much to experience…

Thanks butterflies  !