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15 DAYS of Regeneration
2 options: in Tenerife or at home

Fasting & Regeneration

“Transform your body and mind with our Fasting and Regeneration course in Tenerife, combining fasting, detoxification, and deep revitalization in the heart of nature.”

Our Fasting and Regeneration course offers you the unique opportunity to enjoy a supervised fasting experience in a natural and calming environment in Tenerife.

Over one or two weeks, you will participate in water and dry fasting sessions, accompanied by various detoxification and regeneration protocols.


Supervised by experts, this course integrates relaxation, meditation, and energy healing practices to cleanse your body and revitalize your mind.


Each participant benefits from a personalized program and the support necessary to overcome moments of doubt and difficulty, while acquiring the knowledge to continue fasting independently at home.


Take advantage of our experience and the benefits of fasting to transform your health and well-being.


January 12 at 5 p.m. to January 26 at 3 p.m.


Raw Adventure Center in Tenerife

In our fruit forest, under the Canarian sun


14 people


January 12 at 5 p.m. to January 26 at 3 p.m.


From your home Via video call every day and through private messages


30 personnes

Price of the course (in Tenerife), per person

1390€ for the first week.

2550€ for 2 weeks.

Come as a couple and each receive €100 or €200 reduction (1 or 2 weeks).

Introductory offer until September 30

1150 or €1990 (offer cannot be combined)

Access to all our videos on young people (before training)

A vitalization and nutritional descent plan included to best prepare for Fasting & Regeneration:

A 3-month vitality plan included!

Price of the course (remote), per person.

590€ for the first week.

990€ for 2 weeks.

Introductory offer until September 30

490 or €890 (offer cannot be combined)

Access to all our videos on young people (before training)

A vitalization and nutritional descent plan included to best prepare for Fasting & Regeneration:

A 3-month vitality plan included!


The program

The Raw Adventure® Method

The Fasting and Regeneration Retreat is a central element of the Raw Adventure method, embodying our holistic philosophy of health and well-being.

This retreat offers a profound transformation by combining water and dry fasting, detoxification, and energy healing. By incorporating relaxation practices, meditation, and body treatments, it allows for body purification, energy rebalancing, and mental calmness.

Each program is personalized to meet individual needs, and the natural setting of our center in Tenerife enhances the benefits of this experience.


Through this retreat, you will gain valuable tools to maintain your well-being in everyday life.

What You Seek ...

  • Body Purification: Cleanse your body of accumulated toxins and give your system a fresh start.

  • Energy Rebalancing: Regain inner balance and harmonize your energies.

  • Stress Reduction: Detach from daily stress and find inner peace.

  • Mental Fortitude: Develop your mental and emotional resilience.

  • Learning and Autonomy: Acquire knowledge and skills to maintain your well-being after the retreat.

  • Personalized Experience: Benefit from an experience specifically tailored to your needs and goals.

Ce que vous allez découvrir ...

  •    Les différentes méthodes de jeûne hydrique et sec et leurs bienfaits.

  •     Des pratiques avancées pour purifier votre corps en profondeur.

  •      Des techniques pour harmoniser vos énergies et améliorer votre bien-être global.

  •      Des méthodes de méditation, respiration, et relaxation pour réduire le stress.

  •      Des exercices pour explorer et comprendre vos pensées et émotions.

  •     Un programme adapté à vos besoins spécifiques et à votre niveau de préparation.

  •     Des routines matinales et nocturnes pour maintenir un état de santé optimal.

  •     Les bienfaits de l’immersion dans un environnement naturel et apaisant.

  •     Des outils et des connaissances pour continuer à prendre soin de vous après le stage.

  •     L’accompagnement d’experts pour traverser les moments de doute et de difficulté.

A typical day

  • Wake up naturally

  • Morning cleansing routine

  • 10:00 - 11:30 Group activity

  • 11:30 - 12:00 Sharing circle

  • Rest time

  • 14:00 - 16:00 Questions & Answers

  • Walk & connect with nature

  • Evening cleansing routine

About Mimi & Jacky

  • Master in physical and mental preparation

  • 2x Adventure Raid World Champions

  • Spartan Champions

  • Designers of permaculture fruit forests

  • Energetic Thai massage therapists

  • Food coachs

  • Life coachs, youth coachs

  • Designers of environmentally friendly and self-sufficient living space

  • Creators and owners of the Raw Adventure center in Tenerife

The Philosophy of This Retreat

Winter is our special time for extended fasting. We want to take you on our adventure. One of us will also be fasting to set the pace. We will show you that fasting is anything but monotonous, all while respecting and listening to our feelings.


Program Highlights:

  • A dietary reduction plan for the 10 days prior to the retreat.

  • Purge: on the first and last day, and if needed in the middle (recommended but not mandatory).

  • Enemas: daily (using water, seawater, urine, chlorophyll, green coffee, roasted coffee, xantis, MMS).

  • Support for elimination with herbal infusions, water, and seawater.

  • Morning and evening care routines.

  • A personalized vitality plan for 3 months after the Fasting & Regeneration retreat.

  • Fasting on different levels: sensory fasting, mental fasting, physical fasting, metabolic fasting, etc.

  • Cohesion moments and group activities: drawing, watercolor, music, card games, "fun games," workshops.

  • Walks in nature (ocean, mountains, forest, desert).

  • Sharing circles.

  • Personal introspection time.

  • Personalized and reassuring supervision.

  • Expert management of detoxification crises.

We have chosen to organize a fasting retreat for your evolution and regeneration. No activity will be mandatory. We will be there to guide you on this magnificent journey to the depths of your body and mind.
Included: Our experience & knowledge, herbal infusions, all products for purges, cleanses, and enemas, high-quality support, all accommodations, a welcoming environment that respects the planet, a permaculture garden, our smiles & energy!

 Access to the Raw Adventure community, discounts on all our other courses from 30-50% off, and more surprises...
Not included: flight ticket and arrival on the site.

Is it for you ?

The Fasting and Regeneration Retreat is designed for anyone seeking to transform their physical and mental well-being through natural and holistic methods. Here’s why this retreat is for you:

Seekers of Deep Detoxification:
You want to purify your body of accumulated toxins and give your system a fresh start.

Fasting Practitioners:
Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you will learn to fast safely and effectively with personalized support.

Holistic Well-Being Enthusiasts:
You are drawn to a holistic approach to health that includes mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Stressed and Tired Individuals:
You wish to escape daily stress and find inner peace through relaxation and meditation practices.

Individuals Seeking Reconnection with Themselves:
You are looking to better understand yourself and strengthen your mental resilience through introspective and sensory exercises.

Nature and Simplicity Lovers:
You love nature and wish to rejuvenate in a preserved and soothing environment in Tenerife.

Well-Being Autonomy Advocates:
You want to acquire tools and knowledge to maintain your well-being on a daily basis independently.

Join us for a transformative and enriching experience, tailored to your specific needs and goals, and discover the profound benefits of fasting and regeneration in an exceptional setting.
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