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Fruits colorés

Love life &
Green the Desert

Welcome to our universe !

We are Myriam and Jacky, two professional athletes, passionate about...

mimi et jacky





mimi et jacky

We want to share our experiences with you… so welcome to our world of raw adventure!

Some news !


NEW - Raw Adventure Detox Juice

Collect discounts! 

Up to -33% on certain models



As a gift (offer limited while stocks last)

- a mini blender

- a recipe book

- a cutting table


The H330P is valid with code


As a gift : the Hurom Care pack at €298

- 1 Mini Blender (€109)

- Food Dehydrator (€99)

- vaccum pitcher (29€)

- 1 Tumbler (20€)


Or the H330P at €599 instead of €997!


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Our newsletters will reflect our current connections and we are delighted to share our adventures with you!

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Discover our online programs

Benefit from our advice and experience,
from your place !

150 €

Physiological Raw food Crusine

Recipes with food combinations that are easy to digest but also with little food so that it is easy and quick to make.

mimi crusine

400 €

Vitality Online

Discussions, sports, physiological crusine, challenge-reinforcements, muscle awakenings, breathing, laughter galore, but also integration into the VITALITY group on WhatsApp.

crusine physiologique

150 €

5 Days on Detox Jus

Offer your body a boost of energy and rest for the digestive system, but also that you adopt simple and effective methods to implement in your daily life to allow the natural functioning of the body to cleanse itself.

jus de légume

Price per duration

Vitality Assessment


We support you in your vitality and answer all your questions during one or more private consultations. Discover our different follow-up proposals!

plan vitalité

Our retreat in Tenerife


This is the course that embodies the vision that we had to offer everyone, to come and experience our life style and our approach to life: health, joy of living, personal fulfillment, life project.


We share everything we have learned and experienced over the past 15 years: raw food, connection to nature, breathing, mental and physical training of course, permaculture, self-sufficiency, circulation of energies, natural methods of regeneration, food evolution, cleaning of the organism, clarification of the path of life…


This course is for everyone with two conditions: be able to jog for 1 hour and/or pedal for 2 hours, but don't be scared by our sporting level, we will adapt to everyone because it's not a competition but a pleasure to discover together.


Our center is based on sharing our lifestyle, our diet, our training tips, our experiences….


In the DETOX retrait, we give all our keys to regeneration. You will understand and practice: water and dry fasting, purges with sea water, magnesium and castor oil, hydrotomy, massage cupping, hijama, work with frequencies , infusions of purifying plants, anti-parasite program, and lots of surprises.

DATES 2024



Raw Ayurveda Fruits in India

4 months with 1 month in clinic in India

01/12/23 - 01/04/24

(For 5 women (full) et 5 men (2 spots left))



Camps à Ténérife


18/02 - 24/02 : Optimize the Performance (first edition in french)

Last Edition!!!

Onlyt 1 date for 20 spots

21/04 – 27/04 : Vitality
28/04 – 04/05 : Detox

Reception on Sunday from 6 p.m.Departure on Saturday late afternoon or Sunday morning.

Raw Adventure Festival in France

25/06 – 27/06 : Flowers of Life

28/06 : Fiesta (Tin Wedding)

29/06 – 30/06 : 24h Raw Adventure

Our interventions abroad

of Life

This course aims to disseminate information to allow you to be autonomous in your garden, in your design of your paradise, in the use of water, energies...

Learn why and how to arrange your balcony or your huge forest, with a view to autonomy in all its forms.


Create living spaces for people and nature as a whole!


Raw Adventure Center 24h

24 hours of training to regain natural health, a unique experience, around fruits, Vitality, Nature and Joy.

In the program :
* Discussions: natural functioning of the body, physiological diet, food association, connection to the earth, waves, hormesis & sport
* Boosting or relaxing breaths
* Sport: Natural movement, adventure, HIIT
* Recipes from our Physiological Crusine training

vitality and detox course

What if we came to share our experience with you?

stage vitalité

We are professional athletes who travel the world to compete or simply for the pleasure of travelling.

You have a place and want to welcome us for a conference or a training course.

stage detox

Vitality course / Detox course / Raw Adventure 24h / Flower of Life / Crusine workshop / or any other subject!


You will see, we are generous folks because we believe that knowledge should be shared!


On Youtube, we do lives on subjects that are important to us: health, food, connection to the earth, sea water... But we also share with you our adventures around the world.

Conseils pratiques pour purger | Live 10/20 | Raw Adventure by Mimi & Jacky
Récupération, sport et fruits | Live 10/20 | Raw Adventure by Mimi & Jacky
Sport & Santé | Live 10/20 | Raw Adventure by Mimi & Jacky
Le Repos | Live 10/20 | Raw Adventure by Mimi & Jacky
La chaleur | Live 10/20 | Raw Adventure by Mimi & Jacky
Les mécanismes du surpoids | Live 10/20 | Raw Adventure by Mimi & Jacky
Les mécanismes du sous-poids | Live 10/20 | Raw Adventure by Mimi & Jacky
Manger des fruits en climat froid | Live 10/20 | Raw Adventure by Mimi & Jacky


If you prefer the audio format, all of our discussions are available on Anchor.



To follow our news, our daily life when traveling or in Tenerife and discover lots of health information on video.

More gifts !

4 free recipes 
Crusine Physiologique

Discover for free 4 recipes from our Physiological Crusine training.

Spoilers! We gave you the recipe for Chocanté :-)

crusine physiologique

The project

Green the Desert

“Green the desert” is in the literal sense putting green back into the desert, bringing life to an extinct place.

There are many kinds of deserts to be revitalized: the thousands of hectares of chemical and intensive monocultures that kill life and biodiversity, the expanses of concrete where a plant no longer grows and a large part of humans survives in confusion and remains lost in the virtual world. We are creating our social desert, the food industry is responsible for creating our food desert and the industries are creating our health desert...

"Green the desert" is the desire to bring life back where it disappeared, a flower, a nest box, a look, a tree, a pond, a smile, an insect hotel, a friend, a meal of fruit ; Love Life & Green the Desert!

Grow a healthier planet, plant a tree...


The project

Ocean water for Life

Coming soon! 

A big thank you to our sponsors

Anything is possible, but it's much easier with the help and support of our wonderful sponsors.

Thank you so much for being part of this adventure with us!

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