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Vitality & Detox Retreat

How to live in full vitality and cleanse yourself autonomously by the Raw Adventure®️ method 

Our Vitality and Detox retreats merge to become one entity ! This is the holistic and integrative metamorphosis training: Vitality & Detox according to the Raw Adventure®️ method


These two were complementary but they are in reality indivisible because if we want to go on the path to vitality, we cannot go there without cleansing ourselves. Eating fruit without cleansing does not work physiologically and in the long run.

During your stay, you will understand how our body works and you will be supported on cleansing practices. By experimenting together, you'll feel confident doing it again by yourself at home.


In this new format, we will keep you with us until the end!

In addition, it seems that it is much more joyful to live the adventure with all the companions from start to finish.


​10/19 at 5pm - 10/30 at 10 am (in French 🇫🇷)

Early bird until 05/19

12/27 at 5pm – 01/07 at 10am (in English 🇬🇧)

Early bird until 07/27



Raw Adventure Center in Tenerife

In our fruit forest, under the sun of the Canary Islands


Max 20 people


Early bird : 2350€ // Full price : 2850€

The workshop includes everything except your arrival and departure to the venue. The gifts included in the registration are:

  • Vitality Online Training Discussions Pack, valued at €200,

  • Cleansing Protocols Pack, valued at €70,

  • Three-month Vitality Plan, valued at €140,

  • BioWell Energy test, valued at 100€

  • Biorésonnance test, valued at 50€

  • Ebook of Physiological Raw Recipes, valued at €18,

  • Access to the Raw Adventure community,

  • And discounts on all our other training courses, valued at 30-50% off.

Come in a group and each person will receive a €200 discount (offer not combinable with affiliate links or super promotions!!!).


The program

Our concept

During your stay, you will experience natural living according to physiological laws ; by listening to your body, rediscovering sensations and learning the keys to Vitality and joy.


We want you to find the guide within you to be master of your diet, of your way of living, of your cleansing... in short, reconnect with yourself !


The goal is really to make you autonomous, free from us, a sower of seeds in your turn.

We chose the 10-day format because we know that the change will happen for everyone on the 3rd or 4th day.


We pass on our 20 years of experience and knowledge to you but it is up to you to create your own path because we are all unique!

we will talk about...

  • Cleaning the body inside and out

  • Rest

  • Purges

  • Fasting (dry and water)

  • Understanding the disease

  • Cleansing plants

  • Fruit & vegetable juices

About Mimi & Jacky

  • Master in physical and mental preparation

  • 2x Adventure Raid World Champions

  • Spartan Champions

  • Designers of permaculture fruit forests

  • Energetic Thai massage therapists

  • Food coachs

  • Life coachs, youth coachs

  • Designers of environmentally friendly and self-sufficient living space

  • Creators and owners of the Raw Adventure center in Tenerife

we will talk about...

  • Physiological and living food

  • Remineralization, juice, sea water

  • The power of breathing

  • The benefit of hot & cold

  • Use of essential oils

  • Physical activities, more than a leisure activity!

  • Live simply while respecting nature

  • What is happiness ?

  • Rituals (dry brushing, stretching, etc.)

  • Our recovery protocols

  • Our natural care methods

  • Grounding, connection with life

  • Permaculture

  • Steps to regain vitality

  • Personalized vitality plan

A typical day


  • Waking up without an alarm, 10 deep breaths through your nose

  • Stretching like a cat, smiling to yourself and saying hello to life

  • Scraping the tongue, coconut oil and sea water mouthwash

  • Dry brushing

  • Tumo breathing & cold bath

  • Breathing with Bol d'Air Jacquier  & MyJak™ essential oils

  • Cleaning the nose by breathing

  • Stretching


  • Sun Observation

  • Breathing

  • Essential oils by MyJak™

  • Meditation: visualization of the cleaning work that is happening inside

  • Thanking life and telling yourself that you love yourself


  • 10-15min in the sun, in underwear on your stomach or back

  • Chi machine, compression boots

  • 30min without doing anything, just feeling your body

About Mimi & Jacky

  • Master in physical and mental preparation

  • 2x Adventure Raid World Champions

  • Spartan Champions

  • Designers of permaculture fruit forests

  • Energetic Thai massage therapists

  • Food coachs

  • Life coachs, youth coachs

  • Designers of environmentally friendly and self-sufficient living space

  • Creators and owners of the Raw Adventure center in Tenerife


Every day during these 11 days, the program includes:

  • Morning routine

  • Energy balancing, twice a day

  • Wellness warm-up

  • Body toning

  • Bioavailable mineralization

  • Sensory awakening

  • Activation of Alpha waves: Conscious harmonization

  • Chronobiophysiological nutrition

  • Personal regeneration time

  • Masterclass on the topic of the day

  • Integrative sharing workshop

  • Strengthening through hormetic methods

  • Developing our potential through breathing

  • Reconnecting with nature through positive ecological actions

  • Evening routine

  • Restorative sleep in an electromagnetically healthy space, additionally featuring a sheet that connects you to the earth (MyJak®️)

An average of 12 hours in attendance per day, generally from 9 AM to 9 PM, depending on the activities.

DAY 0 – Fruit dinner together
5:00 p.m. ✈ Arrival of the trainees
Presentation of the Raw Adventure Center and of the week

DAY 1 – Fruit feast!
Run + swimming and collecting some sea water

Discussion on the physiological functioning of the body

DAY 2 – Fruit feast!
Kayak trip to see dolphins
Discussion on human physiological nutrition

DAY 3 – Fruit feast!
Hiit training by Coach Jacky
Discussion on water & sea water

DAY 4 – Fruit feast!
Climb to Teide 3718m : The Adventure!
Discussion on Earth grounding and electromagnetic waves

DAY 5 – Fruit feast!
Cleansing: Raw Adventure Spa
Discussion on fasting and the dietary transition
Swimming with fishes

DAY 6 – Juices
Cleansing: Shankha prakshalana
Discussion: purging and cleansing
Included: our experience & knowledge, airport shuttle, living food, medicine for cleansings, activities, all nights, a warm welcome to our place respectful of the planet, access to our permaculture garden, our smile & energy!

But also gifts such as the Vitality Online Training Discussions Pack (valued at €200), Cleansing Protocols Pack (valued at €70), three-month Vitality Plan (valued at €140), Ebook of Physiological Raw Cuisine Recipes (valued at €18), Bio Well energy balance (valued at €100), and Bioresonance test (valued at €60), access to the Raw Adventure community, discounts on all our other courses from 30-50% off, and more surprises...

Not included: flight ticket and arrival on the site.

Is it for you ?

People who want to experience our way of living, test living & fruit-based food, live naturally.
People who want to experience detox, do a reset and bring the knowledge back with them! 
For all those (11 to 111 years old) who love life!

Physical condition: Everyone is welcome because the goal is vitality, physical activity is a pillar. Being able to walk or jog for 1h30, then we adapt to all levels.
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